Rayn, fabulous.

Lured in by the on sale Brazilian Blowout I called and made an appointment for the very same day. (Don’t be fooled, these people know EXACTLY what they’re doing! They just work very hard and will fit you in…) I didn’t know what to expect, but I really wanted to see what the buzz is all about. I found out. Amazing, amazing process. I can’t say enough how fantastic this will make your hair, let alone change how you do things in your life. (Literally, this is so bizarre-it has changed my life!)

It makes your hair like shiny silk. I don’t know what the stuff is or how it works, but if you want to have hair like a ten year old, this is how you get it-it’s like Obagi for your hair-who wouldn’t want that? Laduree Salon’s stylists are well trained in the process ( about 4 people were having this done when I was doing mine) and they are super friendly. (I don’t say this lightly-we all know how they can be at some salons.) The only downside is the time factor, but hell-you’ve transformed your hair and taken about twenty years off your looks-it’s worth a couple of hours!

What you get:

-Amazingly silky and shiny hair. This doesn’t seem to fade.

-No more tangles! No more frizzy! Not affected by humidity (I’m Westside, we have that)

-No more brushing.(yes, you heard right. Use your fingers, it will be just perfect!)

-No more styling products. Need not even one.

-No more wasted time (fixing the do)

-No more bedhead in the morning (wake up and look fabulous-seriously)

-Take 10 years off your appearance. Automatically.

There are probably more things I could list…I won’t keep you. I tell you what, no joke, people have stopped me this past week (I had it done a week ago) and have told me I looked beautiful. People are nicer to me (bizarre). People kinda stare at me , I catch them looking…..this is not typical for me.

Call, make appointment. REJOICE!


Diana W.

Santa Monica, CA

RAYN at Salon Sessions is RAYNtastic! Rayn – you are so GILA, haha …. All his staffs are friendly & courteous, I made new friends, Hello Betty – & Denise. LETS go SUSHI, soon!!!

I just got a Brazilian Blowout from RAYN and I love it!! My hair is thinning out and is hella frizzy. It usually takes some work with the round brush and flat iron to get it smooth and straight.

But after my Brazilian Blowout, my styling time has been cut in half and is basically effortless. I hardly even need to use a round brush anymore. I just wash & go – no need to blow dry any longer.

So quick and easy! My hair is smooth and best of all, no frizz. I would highly recommend a Brazilian Blowout to anyone who wants to eliminate frizz and/or wants cut their styling time in half.

I will be BACK for my color soon. See you in 2 mos.
Chely c.
Rosemead, CA

I just had a Brazilian blowout done this past Saturday and I’m LOVING it!!! I have the frizziest, nastiest hair, and now I feel so pretty with my shiny straight hair. I was convinced to try Laduree because of their Brazilian blowout special introductory price of $150 for first time clients.

I got my hair done by Rayn, who is the owner, and he’s SUCH a professional and an awesome stylist. Our appointment began behind schedule because he was putting the finishing touches on another client. I totally didn’t mind though because I would hate it if my hair stylist rushed me out of his/her chair because another client came in. It’s not their fault. He’s a perfectionist and took all the time he needed to make my hair as beautiful as it could be. It’s a busy, busy salon, they get tons of calls from people asking about the blowout, but each stylist takes the time to answer any questions and even wash their own client’s hair.

So anyway, back to the blowout…it takes a couple of hours but you’ll be so happy with the result. I wish I took a “before” picture, because I have unruly hair that is neither curly or straight at all times, just straight frizz. Now, it’s silky, straight, but still has life to it, its not stuck to my head like how it is after you get the Japanese straightening! It feels healthier too.

If you’re even thinking about getting your Brazilian on I would make Laduree your first (and ONLY!) stop. They not only do an EXCELLENT job on your hair, but the stylists are all great and nice, and they offer very reasonable prices and make your stay special with their menu of drinks and even feeding your meter. Little things that you don’t even think of but end up putting the cherry on top.
Trisha T.
North Hollywood, CA


WOW!!! This place rocks, and for the price- it triple rocks! Rayn is the best… he listened to what I wanted, made great suggestions and made me feel like a princess… he just so happened to make me look like one too!

Here’s my deal- I donated 10 inches of my hair to a good cause and got stuck with a) shock from having no hair left and b) a really sucky haircut. Try as I might, I could NOT get my hair looking even halfway decent, so I sucked it up and waited. Six months later, enough was enough!

I scoured the web for two days reading yelp reviews, city search, and every other obscure review about salons in LA. Just when I thought I found one- I would check the name and find another bunch of reviews telling me not to try- or they had great reviews and came along with a hefty price tag. Then I found Laduree…. and so I sent an email yesterday.

Last night I got a reply and Rayn turned out to be my little angel! I made an appointment today and voila… here I sit typing away with the sexiest head of hair I’ve seen in a long time! My hair looks awesome… better than awesome, it’s hot!

Rayn is incredible with his hands, he’s hilarious and so so so so so nice! How could I not go back to this gem of a stylist? How can anyone not come to him?

Don’t let the salon location fool you- this guy could be working in a Jose Eber on Rodeo Drive type joint- but he was kind enough to share his gift with those of us less fortunate in life, and generously offers hair styles for a super great deal.

Ladies- he charges $80 for a cut and color (and style) and it’s worth at least double that. Just a cut alone is half that- but why not spruce up your do for this price?!

I didn’t have time for the Brazilian blowout today, but I’m looking forward to going back to have it done (hopefully this weekend).

I told Rayn I’ve got to look hot for my hubby!!! And seriously, I walked in the door and he just about ate me up! Thank you Rayn, I expect we’ll have good news for you VERY soon with my hair looking this good!!!

Anyway, I really didn’t expect much considering it’s a new place, and the discount- most discount places I have found are cheap for a reason… not Rayn! He’s worth every single penny.

Oh, and let me not forget the delicious coffee and Rayn running out to feed my meter (not once, not twice, but three times!!!)! No, it didn’t take 3 hours- but we kept expecting to finish up then just kept talking and talking- he’s so sweet I just felt like I found an old friend and we had tons of catching up to do.

Anyway, enough about that, go… go go go!!! Great place, and there’s parking in the back, just don’t park in the pilates spots- those peeps are not so friendly about sharing spots.


Muchas gracias por todo. Espero que se mantenga este mensaje, usted lo merece totalmente y mucho más!

Carrie U.

Los Angeles, CA

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